Why you shouldn’t say ‘My names are…’

People who say ‘My names are…’ think they know simple grammar than most of us because when two to three names are mentioned, they assume that’s a plural noun phrase.

For the ones who would listen, let’s tell them this: a full name is a singular nominal concept because it refers to one individual and represents a single human.

Whether you have one or ten first names before your surname, they refer to YOU and they all combine to form your identity.


  1. My name is Tailor Swift.
  2. My name is Brian Advik Kofi Mohammed Angelo Ademola.

However, the plural form might make sense if you answer different names in different places (e.g. as a secret agent), though this is an unlikely situation.


  1. My names are Michael, Zlatan, and Luiz.

Bonus: a surname is also known as family name, last name, or second name (British).


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