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#1. He has a new car, ...

When an auxiliary verb (a verb that helps the main verb) is absent in a
question, we use the correct form of ‘do’ in the question tag. Here, ‘has’ is
the only verb.
If the question is ‘He has bought a car…’, the question tag would be ‘hasn’t
he?’ because the main verb is ‘bought’.


#2. The secret of prosperity, success and happiness _ persistence.

‘The secret’, a singular noun phrase, is the subject. The singular verb ‘is’ is


#3. One of the bathrooms _ in bad condition.

‘One of…’ means ‘one out of two or more’, so a singular verb is


#4. That was the only _ that disqualified him.

The noun ‘criterion’ is singular while ‘criteria’ is the plural form.


#5. We _ continue to be oppressed, we must fight.

‘cannot’ is much more usual as the opposite of ‘can’.
‘can not’ is usually used when it forms part of another construction that
starts with ‘not’ such as ‘…can not only sing, but also…’


#6. A person who pays too much attention to small details is _.

A pedantic person is excessively concerned with small or minor details and


#7. Which is the correct spelling?

The correct spelling is ‘interpret’. It’s one of the most misspelt words in


#8. If you want to _ your job, go on a trip without permission.

The word ‘lose’ (pronounced /lu:z/) is a verb that means ‘to no longer have
something’. The past tense and past participle form is ‘lost’.


#9. Just put the letter in an _ .

An ‘envelope’ (noun) is a square or rectangular paper container that
encloses a letter or other documents
‘envelop’ is its verb form, e.g. I’ll envelop your promotion letter immediately.


#10. To impeach is to _.

To impeach is to formally accuse a public officer of a serious crime that is
connected to his job. It doesn’t mean they have been removed from office,
though it might eventually lead to that.