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Question #1: ‘Litre’ is … spelling.

'-tre' is British, '-ter' is American, e.g. litre/liter, metre/meter.

Question #2: Your cousin is your …

The son or daughter of your uncle or aunt is your cousin.

Question #3: Which is correct?

'Anoint' is the correct form but often incorrectly written as 'annoint', 'anoinnt', etc.

Question #4: ‘Lend’ means to … for a short time.

You 'lend' things out but you 'borrow' when you collect them from someone else to be returned later. Read 11 words we might use incorrectly our entire lives for clearer explanation.

Question #5: The word ‘accept’ is a …

'Accept' is an action, so it's a verb.

Question #6: ‘I’ and ‘A’ are …

'I' and 'A' are the only letters that also qualify as words.

Question #7: Give and take, push and …

When you push, you move something away from yourself; when you pull, you move it towards yourself.

Question #8: Nouns are generally…

Nouns are names of everything in existence.

Question #9: Which is correct?

To 'temper justice with mercy' is to give a lighter punishment for an offence.

Question #10: English has … alphabet(s).

All 26 letters of the English language are referred to collectively as the English alphabet. An alphabet is a set of letters arranged in a fixed order, so A-Z is 1 alphabet.


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