British vs American English, Lest We Forget

Do you pronounce ‘Tuesday’ correctly?

Research shows the word ‘Tuesday’ is mispronounced by a large number of people. In British English, it’s commonly pronounced as /ˈtʃuːzdeɪ/, just like ‘choozday’. In American English, it’s /ˈtuːzdeɪ/, just like ‘toozday’.                                                       Tip: ‘Tuesday’ is always capitalized because it’s a proper noun like other days of the week. Examples: I’ll visit him on Tuesday.…

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British vs American English, Confusing Words and Expressions

Anyway and anyways: before you use them next time

Anyway and anyways have always been a pair of words contending with each other across the world and commonly used interchangeably, especially in my part of the world (Africa: Nigeria). We all learn language through various channels of communication and a vital means is listening to others. Research shows that consequently, most speakers of English…

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British vs American English

British vs American English: vocabulary, tense and preference

Have you ever heard this old saying that Britain and America are ‘two nations divided by a common language’? They are, really. The main challenge for non-native speakers is the struggle to ‘balance’ both, while examiners advise students to stick to either in exams. Quite complicated you’d say. Let’s look at the basic differences in…

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