Envelope vs envelop: know the difference

The difference between envelope and envelop is known to a large number of people, but some don’t even know what that’s all about.

The difference is simply in the part of speech they belong to.

Envelope (noun)

An envelope is that square or rectangular paper container that encloses a letter. It could also be a covering for or outer layer of something, a curve or surface tangent (in mathematics), or a link in modulated wave (in electronics).


  1. Fold the letter and put it in an envelope.
  2. The glass envelope prevented the gas from leaking out.
  3. He had to place the envelope detector on the table to study the wave pattern.

Envelop (verb)

This is a verb that describes the action of covering or surrounding something completely.


  1. A feeling of anxiety envelops him.
  2. Don’t worry, the envelope will envelop (cover) the document.
  3. The Special Forces enveloped the enemy’s formation—and that was the end of the war.


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