Common words often misspelt/misspelled


Tip: misspelt (British), misspelled (American).

Language is dynamic and unique, that’s why we educate ourselves every day. There are some words we often misspell, not because they changed, but they are not just how we think they are. It doesn’t mean we are incompetent if we don’t get them all right—and who knows it all anyway—it’s just a reminder that learning never stops.

This is a list of common words we often misspell.

      Correct spelling              misspelling
accommodate accomodate
achieve acheive
acquaintance acquintance
acquitted acquited
advisable adviseable
aggressive, aggression agressive, agression
anoint, anointed, anointment annoint, annointed, annointment
argument arguement
assassinate, assassination assasinate, assasination
auxiliary auxilliary
bachelor bachellor
balloon baloon
battalion battallion, batallion
benevolence benivolence
billion, billionaire bilion, bilionaire
bizarre bizzare, bizzarre
broccoli brocolli
business bussiness
calendar calender
camouflage camoflage
carburetor(American), carburettor(British) carburator, carburattor
Caribbean Carribean, Carribbean
cartilage cartillage
cemetery cemetary
changeable changable, changeble
chauffeur chaufeur
cigarette cigarrette
colleague coleague
commission commision
committee commitee
conceive concieve
conferred confered
connoisseur conoisseur, connoiseur
conscientious conscientous
continuous continious, continous
coolly cooly
correlate correllate, corellate
correspondence corespondence
curiosity curiousity
deceive decieve
deferred deffered
definitely definately
definition defination
desiccate, desiccated dessicate, dessicated
deterred dettered
deterrence detterence
dilemma dilema
dining (room, table, etc.) dinning (making to learn by repetition)
dissatisfy disatisfy
dissect, dissection disect, disection
dissipate disipate
drunkenness drunkeness
ecstasy ecstacy
embarrass embarass
embezzle embbezzle
emphasis emphasy
entrepreneur enterpreneur
envelop (surround or cover), envelope(paper container for letters) envelop used as envelope and vice versa
Ernest(name), earnest(serious) ernest used as earnest
equipped equiped
exaggerate exagerate
exceed excede
exercise excercise
explanation explaination
facsimile fasimile
fallacy, fallacious falacy, falacious
fictitious fictitous
fourth, forty forth (out, away or forward), Forth (a river in Scotland), fourth
financier financer
flabbergast, flabbergasted flabergast, flabergasted
flourish florish

(‘fluorescent light’ is the tube-shaped electric light)



foreseeable  forseeable
fundamental fundermental
glamorous glamourous
grateful greatful
grievous grieveous
guardian guidean
guerrilla, guerilla guirrella, guirella
guidance guideance, guardance
harass harrass
heroes heros
hierarchy hierachy, heirarchy
hindrance hinderance
honorary honourary
humorous humourous
idiosyncrasy idiosyncracy
ingenious(intelligent), ingenuous (honest) ingenious used as ingenuous and vice versa
inoculate innoculate
innocuous inocuous
intercede intersede
interrupt interupt
irresistible irresistable
its (possessive like ‘his’, ‘her’, ‘ their) It’s
it’s (it is, it has) its
jewelry (American), jewellery (British) jewelery, jewellry
kindergarten kindergaten, kindergateen
knickers knicker
lamppost lampost
later (in the future) latter
latter (towards the end, second of two entities) later
liaise, liaison liase, liason
lollipop lolipop, lollypop
lose(no longer have, fail to succeed) loose
loose(not firm) lose
ludicrous ludicruous
maintenance maintainance
manageable managable
mathematics mathematic, mathmatics
millennium, millennia milennium, milennia
million, millionaire milion, millionnaire
mischievous mischevious
misery(unhappy feeling) mystery (see below)
misogyny, misogynist misoginy, misogynyst
misspell mispell
misspelled mispelled
murmur murmor
mysterious mysterous
mystery (strange thing) misery
narrate narate
necessary, necessity necesary, necesity
newsstand newstand
no one noone
noticeable noticable
occasion, occasionally occassion, occassionally
occurred, occurring, occurrence occured, occuring, occurence
omitted, omission ommitted, ommission
oppress, oppression opress, opression
oscillation oscilation
overrun overun
paid Payed (only used in nautical sense: ropes and ship hulls)
parallel paralel
pastime pasttime
pavilion pavillion
peninsula penisula
perceive percieve
permanent parmanent
permissible permisable
permitted permited
Portuguese Portugese
possession possesion
precede preceed
preferred preffered
presumptuous presumptous
privilege priviledge
proceed procede
professor, profession proffesor, proffesion
pronunciation pronounciation
psychiatrist psychatrist
quizzes quizes
quarrel, quarrelling, quarrelled quarel, quarelling, quarelled
questionnaire questionaire
rebellion rebelion
recede receed
receive recieve
reference refference
referring, referred refering, refered
repertoire repertoir
reservoir reservoire
 rhythmic, rhythmical rhythimic, rhythimical
roommate roomate
sacrilege sacrilage
satellite satelite
savvy savy
secede seceed
secretariat secetariat
secretary secretery
seize sieze
separate, separation seperate, seperation
septuagenarian septuagenerian
sergeant sergent
sheriff sherrif
shining(reflecting light) shinning
shinning(climbing quickly) shining
simultaneous simultanous
skiing sking
souvenir souvenire
stationary (not moving) stationery
stationery(writing materials) stationary
strenuous strenous
stubbornness stubborness
subordinate surbodinate
subpoena subpena
succeed suceed
success, succession sucess, succesion
superintendent supritendent
supersede supercede
suppress supress
symmetrical symetrical
tenement tenament
their (possessive like ‘our’, ‘his’, etc.) they’re
there (that place) their, they’re
they’re (they are) their
threshold threshhold
tomorrow tommorrow
tournament tornament
transferring, transferred transfering, transfered
tremendous tremendious
unfortunately infortunatly
unnecessary unecessary
until untill
vacuum vaccum
vengeance vengance
villain vilain
warrior warior
weather(state of the atmosphere) whether (see below)
weird wierd
wherever whereever
whether (if, or not) weather
withhold, withheld withold, witheld
yacht yatch
your (possessive like ‘out’, ‘their’, etc.) you’re
you’re (you are) your
zeitgeist zeitgaist



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  1. I misspelled mathematics with mathemetics and kindergarten with kindegarden or kindergarden.

  2. I also misspelled villain as villian.

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