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Oral English

What’s a lisp?

Do you know someone who put their tongue between their upper and lower teeth when pronouncing s, z and pronounce them as th as in think and that? That’s a lisp. A lisp (also called sigmatism) is a common and treatable speech impediment involving mispronunciation of sibilant sounds. Sibilants are speech sound produced with a…

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Oral English, Vowel Chart

Pure vowels and diphthongs These are English language vowel chart models containing all twelve pure vowels and eight diphthongs, as well as which part of the tongue produce them. They also show whether a sound is long (:) or short.  

Consonant Chart, Oral English

Consonant chart This is a model of English language consonant chart. It contains the sounds, places of articulation, manner of articulation, and whether or not the sounds are produced with vibration (voiced or voiceless).