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loggerhead vs loggerheads

The words ‘loggerhead’ and ‘loggerheads’ belong to the same part of speech (nouns) but have different meanings. loggerhead A type of turtle with a large head. A shrike (a type of bird) with mainly grey feathers and black eyestripe (head’s stripe which encloses or seems to run through the eyes), wings, and tail. (old-fashioned) A…

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Confusing Words and Expressions, Lest We Forget

Judgement or judgment

Ever wonder why ‘judgement’ and ‘judgment’ are both correct? This is the answer: In British English, ‘judgement’ is the general correct spelling and applicable in everyday English. However, ‘judgment’ is preferred in legal context. In American English, ‘judgment’ is the correct spelling. This implies that the spelling used only in legal context in British English…

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