Difference between ‘snob’ and ‘snub’

snob (noun) A person who likes only people of high social class, has extremely high standards, and looks down on others who do not belong to such class. Example: 1. He’s such a snob that he wouldn’t bother to come to the party. snub (noun) The act of insulting someone by ignoring or treating them as unimportant. Example: 1. She […]

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Severally vs several times: connected but different

The error of using ‘severally’ and ‘several times’ as synonyms is not restricted to any part of the world, though uncontrolled in some than others. Another strange perception is that ‘severally’ is not a word, but it is—actually.  ‘Severally’ and ‘several times’ do not have the same meaning, but they’re connected in a way. Here is how and why: Severally […]

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