Bouncy or bouncing baby: what you should know

Are you confused about using bouncy or bouncing for babies? Do you think bouncy is the adjective that tells us about healthy babies and bouncing is just a verb?

Here is the explanation:

It’s true that bouncy is an adjective, but so is bouncing when it refers to a healthy and strong baby or a lively person.

Bouncing (adjective)

Bouncing describes a healthy baby (boy or girl) or an energetic and confident person.


  1. She just gave birth to a bouncing baby boy.
  2. My bouncing baby girl is my only joy.
  3. It took her five months to regain her strong, bouncing self.

bouncing is in the same class as other -ing adjectives, such as surprising, insulting, exasperating, confusing, appealing, etc.

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Bouncy describes something being able to move away from a surface after hitting it; it also means ‘full of life or energetic’, and can be used for babies. 


  1. The kids won’t be able to control the balloon because it’s bouncy.
  2. Sani showed off his bouncy physique.
  3. Jaqqiy Edion couldn’t take her eyes off the bouncy baby.

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Using bouncy for babies is not wrong, but bouncing is more acceptable. According to the British Council, ‘Bouncing is more common … and is the natural collocation.’


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