Why ‘am’ is always used with ‘I’

Study shows ‘am’ is becoming more popular when writers refer to themselves than ‘ I am ‘ (I’m), which is the correct form.

You shouldn’t use ‘am’ without ‘I’ before or after it; you can also use ‘I’m’ which is the contraction or short form of the expression. Note that ‘am’ is only used with ‘I’, unlike ‘are’, ‘were’ and others that are used with more than one pronoun (we are, they are, we were, they were, you were).

1. I am an independent woman.
2. I’m going to the bank soon.
3. Who am I to judge you?


We don’t normally use the short form (I’m) as a whole statement.


Q: Who is responsible for the leakage?

A: I am (not ‘I’m).


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