How to say and respond to ‘Thank you’

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We say ‘thank you’ when we appreciate what someone has done for us, or when we want to be polite (e.g. a seller to a customer and vice versa). Thus, there are various ways of using and responding to this social expression.


Ways to say ‘Thank you’


Thank you.

Thanks very much (indeed)/Thank you very much (indeed).

Thanks a lot.

Thanks for your help/Thank you for your help.

Many thanks.

Thanks a bunch.

Note: ‘Thanks’ is considered informal.


Other ways

I really appreciate it/ I appreciate your help.

I’m grateful/ I’m so grateful.

That’s so kind of you.

You are so sweet/You’re a darling (to someone close to you).

How can I ever thank you enough(for a great help).

I can’t thank you enough


Ways to respond

You’re welcome (more formal).


It was the least I could do.

I’m happy to help.

Not at all.

No problem.


It’s nothing.

Don’t mention it!



We say ‘thank you/thanks’ when we accept what we are being offered. In such a situation, ‘thank you/thanks’ means ‘yes’. However, when you start your answer with ‘no’, it means you’ve declined the offer.


1. Abdul: Would you like some tea?

Putin: Yes, please. Thanks.

2. Nyang: Would you like some more bread?

Moritz: Thank you.

3. Johnson: Would you like to go to the cinema?

Linnea: No, thanks.


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