Grammar, Punctuation

How to use ‘such as’ correctly

We use such as to give an example or examples that corroborate what we’re saying or writing. It’s a formal expression used in giving accurate information when explaining a point. When we use such as to give a singular example in writing, we don’t need a comma before it; when we use it for multiple…

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British vs American English, Grammar, Punctuation

Quotation marks: uses, rules, British/American styles

Quotation marks (inverted commas) are one of the unique punctuation marks in English. They’re generally used to show what someone has said, though they have other uses. Moreover, they’re sometimes used in different ways in British and American English. Uses of quotation marks To enclose a direct speech. Example: ‘Who else was there with him?’…

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Grammar, Parts of Speech

Adverbs: types, functions, exceptions

An adverb tells us more about a verb, an adjective, another adverb or even a noun phrase. General definition sometimes ignore the noun phrase part but you should know it exists. You can form adverbs from some adjectives with the addition of -ly. However, some adverbs are the same as adjectives. Examples: fast, straight, hard…

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